The travel agency Rapa Nui Travel offers guided tours for EINC2013 participants, for June 4, 5 and 6. The cost of each tour is US$ 30. The travel agency offers 3 different tours lasting 3.30 hrs. The tours will start at 14.00 hrs. from hotel hangaroa, and finished at the same place at 17.30 hrs. Tour 1 is planned for  june tuesday 4 and has to be reserved in advance with the travel agency at

The other tours can be reserved on tuesday at the conference place, however previous reservations will be given priority.

This information is given for your convenience. There are several travel agencies providing similar tours and they should be contacted directly by you.

Tour 1

In this half-day, we will visit TAHAI; this is a ceremonial place with 3 platforms with restored statues. In this place we will also find the only Moai with eyes. We can also see the remains of a Boat House, a Stone henhouse and a pier built entirely in stone.

We will continue out of town to the south coast to an Ahu called Vaihu which is unrestored, it is located in the Bay of Hanga Te’e, witnessed a phase of destruction a few centuries ago

In our penultimate stop we will see Ahu  Akivi,  a platform with 7 restored Moai. According the legend these 7 statues represent the first explorers arrived at Rapa Nui who were sent by King Hotu Matua.

Last place we will visit will be the quarry Puna Pau where the Pukao or “bun” of the Moai were carved

Tour 2

This afternoon we will arrive at one of the most important sites of the Rapa Nui culture, the quarry Rano Raraku, where 900 statues were carved, around 397 of them are still lying as they held up the progress of the construction and transport in some period of the history.  In this location we will have lunch in a barbecue with a spectacular view of the quarry.

We will move towards Ahu Tongariki restored in 1995 and will see its 15 standing Moai for  finally we will go to Anakena beach where we can find two platforms, Ahu Nau Nau and Ature Huki, both restored. We may also appreciate the warm Pacific waters and relax on the beach with pink sand under palm trees.

Tour 3

During this trip we will climb the extinct volcano Rano Kau, where in the first viewpoint is presented a view of the island with its coasts, volcanoes and the village of Hanga Roa.

The second viewpoint will allow us to appreciate the crater of Rano Kau Volcano with its lagoon and then we will arrive at the ceremonial village of Orongo where the birdman competition-Tangata Manu ceremony was performed. Here we see the largest collection of petroglyphs throughout the Pacific area.

Finally we will visit the Ahu Vinapu with its architecture reminding us the Pre Inca people’s constructions.


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